Woolsery is in safe hands!

Class 5 have completed a seriesĀ lesson inĀ First Aid in the Outdoors as part of their Forest School with Mr Cole. They can administer Dr ABC (you’ll have to ask them!), secondary surveys, recovery positions and deal with broken bones, bleeding, choking and shock. Well done everybody, lets hope we don’t have to use it too much!

7 responses on Woolsery is in safe hands!

  1. Well done Class 5 & 4, you all can be so proud of yourselves for learning something so valuable.

  2. Good for you class 5, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as Baz!
    Good to hear Class 4 have also completed your training.
    We really are very privileged to have so many skilled people in our school!

  3. As a Forest School Ranger I would like to say that I think you have all worked well together learning and practising First Aid procedures. Your First Aid Award Certificates are well deserved.

  4. I really enjoyed our first aid half term and am now proud of being a woolsery primary first aider.

  5. Well done Class 5 (and also Class 4, who finished their course last week). You have all handled a difficult subject really well and have impressed me with your mature attitude to saving lives and making very difficult decisions. As Miss Butler says, hopefully you won’t have to use any of the things we’ve learnt about, but if you do you’ll be amazed at how much of this course comes back to you!

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