Evening Walk

This evening we walked through the parrot cages and they squaked at us (Travis)

We’ve just been to see the Mained Wolves but they didn’t want to see us! Boo hoo (Sean)

Earlier we went to the giant tortoise house and saw their shells- I could fit in one. (Joe)

It was lovely seeing the animals this evening at nigbt which we didn’t see in the daytime. (Aiden)

We saw some lovely stripy zebras. They’re black with white stripes, not the other way round (Eliza)

This evening we went to the zoo and we were looking for kangaroos and emus. Unfortunately we only saw one kangaroo and two emus (Keira)

It was getting dark and the peacocks went up in the tree and they screached at us (Jack R)




6 responses on Evening Walk

  1. Morning Paignton people, another great set of comments!!
    Hope the packing goes well?!?! and you have a fantastic last morning and journey back home.
    Can’t wait to hear all the wonderful things you have seen and learnt Sophie. Love All your family xxx

  2. Morning everyone! I can see what an amazing time you are having, your photo’s and comments are brilliant! The only problem as far as I can see is that I am still in Woolsery!!…..
    .Looking forward to seeing you all later.
    PS. Hope Toto has been good. xx

    1. Toto? I don’t THINK we’re in Kansas any more but will let you know if I see and tin men or scarecrows… only lions so far and they didn’t look very cowardly!

  3. Your evening walk sounds like a great adventure, have you seen any crocodiles ??

  4. Great to know you’re having a good time…..looking forward to hearing all about it. Jamie and Harri said they are looking forward to seeing you Jack R. Take care xxxxx

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