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We’re sharing your comments with your children as soon as they come through- thank you for taking time to write things… it’s brought big smiles to lots of children knowing you’re sharing their residential with them.

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  1. It’s great to be sharing what they are experiencing and learning. Thankyou for posting and keep them coming, any pictures of the giraffe’s or other baby animals, please.

    1. I will get Sophie to remind me tomorrow…they were all inside this pm -sensible things- whilst We were out in the rain so didn’t get any photos then

  2. Bye Isabel, will see you when I’m back from New Zealand.

    Be good


  3. Its nice to be able to be part of it too. Plus when they get back and I ask what they have done I will know what to ask about and not just a child’s usual reply of ‘can’t remember’ We are looking forward to further installments x

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