African Batik Printing

Class 5 used images and motifs inspired by their Africa topic to produce a print. Hot wax was used to draw onto the fabric then the colours were added using a powdered dye. Finally the wax was removed using a hot iron and paper towels. The children also made their frame to mount their artwork. All this was achieved before lunch! Good work class 5!

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  1. These works of art were very fun although there was some disappointments when there wasn’t enough hot wax and the colour leeked through! The design had to be a big simple design, not to fiddly and not to tiny. this is because when you poured the wax, which was already very hard, this would be nearly impossible!

  2. Wow, Class 5 – these are really lovely batiks – well done! I can see you’ve really thought about the inspiration for your designs and I love the diversity of your choices – from map work, to African beasts, to traditional patterns and designs. Please comment back and tell me what your favourite part of the process was… the designing? The hot wax?… or maybe the holding your breath to see if your wax held back the fabric dye properly?! If I ask REALLY nicely, can they go up in the school hall for everyone to enjoy? :-) Hope you’re having a great holiday – see you all next week. (PS – who are the very handsome people you hired to hold up the art work in the photos? They look v. professional!)

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