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Class 5 have been writing an argument about the pros and cons of wind turbines. The quality of their writing is outstanding, so look out for their finished pieces on display in the school. We will be visiting the village hall next week to find out more about sustainable and renewable energy with Brian Butler.

We have also been investigating circuits in class and finding out what happens when you change a factor such as the number of bulbs, cells or length of the wire. Remember to ask the children what they learned! They can share this on this blog.

In the library is an interactive science display where the children have to answer questions correctly to light a bulb. It would be great to have feedback via this blog as to what they think about it.

Enjoy the long weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for dry weather!

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  1. When we were experimenting with wires, bulbs and batteries we where trying to find out how to make a bulb brighter or dimmer. My group where investigating weather the length of the wire effected the brightness of a bulb. We found out that the longer the wire the dimmer the bulb or the shorter the wire the brighter the bulb.

  2. i have learned that you can only light up a bulb if you put a wire to the side and bottom, also that if a their is a break in the circuit you can`t say the circuit is Broken.

  3. I love doing “bright sparks” because I am interested it. I find it really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m looking forward to reading on the Blog what you’ve learnt about circuits, Class 5. I will give a Merit to the best five descriptions…. remember to use all of your technical language to describe what you’ve found out.

    1. You’ll have to wait and see, Tom. It’s only fair to give others a chance- remember, it’s not the quickest but the best :)

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