Village Hall Visit

Class 5 visited the village hall to learn more about how sustainable and renewable energy is used to heat and power the building. Brian Butler explained to us how the building retains heat by having insulation in the walls made out of recycled newspapers, and blocks which give off stored heat in the hall. We found the boiler room interesting and Brian explained how the energy produced from the photovoltaic panels and wind turbines is monitored by the display in the foyer. We hope to display some of the work we have been doing in the village hall soon, so we look forward to reading some comment about it. Our work will also be displayed in school.

Class 5: I welcome your feedback from this afternoon’s visit-what did you learn or find interesting about how energy is produced?


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  1. This trip was fun and very interesting. we learned a lot about suistainable and renewable energy like: putting recycled newspapers in the walls, hot water in pipes under the floor and using wind turbines and solar pannels to power things.

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