Forest School with class 5

Class five enjoyed the sunshine this afternoon making animals out of natural materials. Using hazel sticks for legs, willow, ivy, grass and string, they have created quite a menagerie. 20140514-182723.jpg20140514-182757.jpg20140514-182810.jpg20140514-182822.jpg20140514-182834.jpg20140514-182847.jpg



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  1. saffron and me had a debate about if we should make our hedgehog out of willow or clay(mud). we chose mud. mia s-c joined us in making our hedge-hoggy mud models :)

  2. The children made a ‘skeleton’ by lashing sticks together then filled it in with grass, ivy and other materials.

  3. They are splendid, I love the hedgehog and all the faces. I bet you all enjoyed being outside making these. Well done Class 5.

  4. I love your animals class 5! They look wonderful.
    Do they need feeding I wonder? I’ve heard a rumour there’s cake in class 4!! Mmm

  5. I absolutely love how creative you’ve been with these creatures, Class 5. Some of them have amazing expressions… especially the hippo (joking!). They are a lovely addition to our grass bank. I’m looking forward to seeing how they change over the coming weeks as the grass dries. What do you think will happen to them?

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