Class 1 and Sunflowers trip to Rosemoor :)

What an amazing day had by all and the weather was very very kind to us.

We were trying to spot the fish.


Watch out for the dragon hiding the treasure.

wpid-20140521_105757.jpg wpid-20140521_105811.jpg

Next we went to THE BRASH.  We had fun collecting, hunting, digging, balancing, running, exploring, hiding and singing a few songs.  We also found a badger sett.  Can you remember what the badger liked to eat?

wpid-20140521_113441.jpg wpid-20140521_113351.jpg wpid-20140521_111525.jpg wpid-20140521_112946.jpg

Lunchtime at the hobbit hole in the beautiful sunshine.


Down to the woods to find the giant but he was nowhere to be seen.  We did find a massive spider.wpid-20140521_130721.jpg

wpid-20140521_130922.jpg wpid-20140521_131156.jpg wpid-20140521_131025.jpg wpid-20140521_131450.jpg

We found the pond.  We saw some fish, dragonflies of different colours and some pond skaters.  We all stayed dry though!


Rolling down a hill.  One of the 50 things they should do before they are 11 and 3/4.

wpid-20140521_125139.jpgwpid-20140521_133042.jpg wpid-20140521_133536.jpg wpid-20140521_133819.jpg wpid-20140521_131341.jpg

The journey home was very quiet.

wpid-20140521_142906.jpg wpid-20140521_142850.jpg

Except for the back of the coach!


Thank you to everyone for either volunteering to help or helping.  Thank you to the children for ALL being well behaved all day.

See you all tomorrow after a good nights sleep.

Mrs Oyarzabal :)


14 responses on Class 1 and Sunflowers trip to Rosemoor :)

  1. what lovely pics, and all alfie could talk about was sitting on his fruit and the bus !. love having a spy !

  2. Great pictures Class 1 and Sunflowers, I can tell you all had an amazing time!! Well Done on your fab behaviour I am very proud of you all. Archie comments are mainly about the tractors he saw today……

    1. I don’t remember reading about many tractors in The Hobbit…. but if anyone can find one, Archie’s your man!

  3. Lovely day. We were so lucky with the weather! I think my two are going to want to find a giant spider like that to terrify me! :-)

  4. Wow!!! Looks like you all had a really great day. How lovely to see all your fantastic pictures. Well done Class 1 and Sunflowers for being so good.

  5. We all had a great day exploring at Rosemoor. I loved seeing all the different colour flowers and smelling all the herbs. The children all behaved extremely well. An early night for me! :-)

    1. Well, Mr P… had you had a sleep on the coach on the way home (like some other boys) maybe you wouldn’t need an early night. Glad you had a nice day too- how does their pond compare to ours??!

  6. Wow, guys! What a super day. So glad you had such a fab time… I’m looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow. ;)

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