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Class Five spent Tuesday afternoon making giant looms out of sticks and tree trunks, then decorating them using natural materials such as willow, ivy, grass and buttercups, weaving them in between the string to create beautiful designs. The children worked very well together, helping each other to lash the sticks together and tie a variety of knots to secure the corners (slip knots, figure of eight knots and the odd granny knot!) The finished results are outstanding, I am sure you’ll agree. Thank you very much to our volunteer rangers who have helped us this term; with out you we would not be able to run Forest School sessions.

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  1. Well Done Class 5. You all engaged in the loom making and decorating. It was lovely to hear you compliment each other’s work and explain why you liked it. Year 6s – I think you enjoyed 😊 your last forest school! 😥

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