At the Beach

Our topic for this half term is “At The Beach”, and we have lots of fun seaside activities planned. Today we have painted some beautiful seaside scenes,


went number fishing,


and invented some new ice cream flavours.


This afternoon we composed some groovy tunes on the xylophones!


6 responses on At the Beach

  1. Wow, Class 1 – how lucky are you?! Your very own beach… right here in school. Looks like you’re having a super time :-)

  2. Great seaside pictures Class 1!!….. and the two young musicians…..what a treat that must have been?!?1?

  3. Those boys really rocked today !
    The ice creams were very inventive too. :-)

  4. The seaside pictures are fantastic Class 1, with lovely detailing. I particularly liked the one of Mr Pennington eating a burger at the Pebbleridge Cafe!

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