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Class 5 spent a fantastic day working with Alison, Sue and Julius from the Devon Food Project. Julius lives in a rural part of Uganda in East Africa. He farms pineapples (he has 35,000 plants!) He taught us how to create a bag garden from a sugar sack, gravel and compost. Come and see them by the steps on the way to the office.

The children also learnt about Ugandan schools, trade centres and compounds. Some of the class will be presenting their work to other schools and council members in the Civic Offices in Barnstaple in a couple of weeks’ time. The children learnt a great deal about where their food comes from and understand more about how Fair Trade affects farmers abroad. They also learnt how they can support farmers locally.

Class 5: Please comment on what you enjoyed best about this project and what you learnt. Thank you. Miss Butler.








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  1. I really enjoyed working with Julius i found making the the bag garden exciting to make. I’m going to make one at home

    1. I hope you do, Harry! Send us a photo when you do and I’ll post it on the blog for you.

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