Chaos and carnage Canadian canoeing in the canal!

Group DD enjoyed cooling off in the Bude canal in their Canadian canoes this afternoon. Working in teams of 3, they had to navigate the waterway, steering the boat from the stern. This was easier said than done and we lost count of the amount of times we collided with the bank, trees, other canoes and each other on the way! We played games such as “Captain’s Coming” which consisted of standing up in the boat, abandoning ship and scrubbing the decks. We also played “World Domination”; Germany¬†won twice! All the children worked fantastically in their teams and it’s lovely to see their confidence growing with every activity.



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7 responses on Chaos and carnage Canadian canoeing in the canal!

  1. Hi Saff, We saw you and Gemma mountain boarding…looks cool! We miss you but are sure you are having fun M&D xx

  2. Having fun Keira! Looks like everyone is thoroughly enjoying it, the weather couldnt be better for you all, were so happy for you all.

    1. It would be quicker to ask if anyone stayed in, Georgia! But noone fell in accidentally- only through games and to cool off, it was very hot!

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