Mountain Adventure!

This afternoon, an epic group of explorers set out on a voyage of discovery to find The Mountain- a full mile away from the Centre. To get there, they had to negotiate some rather lovely dachshunds on leads (no mean feat!), a rather adorable group of ducklings (took a while to get past those!), some fishermen on the Canal, and a field of Child Eating Sheep (very scary)

Eventually, ¬†after all those ordeals, we arrived at The Mountain for some high adventure on mountain boards… everyone had a great time and tried their very best. Nearly everyone had a go on the ramps too and impressed everyone with their balancing skills. Another fantastic day, everyone!


5 responses on Mountain Adventure!

    1. Hi Sadie, hope you are having fun in school. Say “Hi” to everyone. Did you know the sea pool is closed? You could have come after all! See you Friday. From Miss Butler and Mr Harris.

  1. What an adventure you are having, it looks awesome! We are so proud of you Will, it looks so much fun we are all jealous ;-) Enjoy the high ropes. Lots of love from all of us xxx

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