Thoughts so far…

Is it really only Tuesday?!

Here are some thoughts from the children as we approach our half-way mark…

Mia SC- its fun and our Tutor, Sophis is really cool. Team trail yesterday was awesome and funny.
Harriet- wow, the activities are awesome. The best bit so far was team trail when we slid down the slide into the cold muddy water.
Shakira- I’m looking forward to the rest if the activities, especially caving at the end of the week because it’s fun
Erin- I like canoeing so I’m looking forward to this afternoon!
Tom B- I’m looming forward to Mountain Boarding this morning and mountain biking on Friday. Its really fun here.
Ben- I’m really enjoying the morning run- today I came first both there and back (we ran up to compass point) I am also looking forward to high ropes tomorrow, and mountain biking later in the week.
Tom S- I’m looking forward to mountain boarding and caving… the Team Trail was fun and very wet.
Baz- I’m looking forward to the high ropes tomorrow and I have enjoyed the Team Trail as well.
Seth – I am looking forward to doing mountain boarding later today, surfing and caving. Body boarding was painful because I got hit in the stomach by a board but it was fun… and wet.
Alfie- I’m looking forward to caving and high ropes. Ive had a really nice time.
Nikita- I quite enjoyed facing my fears like going down the water slide on the Team Trail. I want to try the high ropes tomorrow.
Summer- I am looking forward to the Talent show tomorrow because I am going to do line dancing. On climbing tomorrow, I am going to face my fears!
Baifern- I enjoyed doing body boarding because you get time to learn how to do it. It’s good being wet in the sea!
Mia H- I am looking forward to the high ropes because it will challenge me lots. Team Trail was best so far- we got soaked.
Keira- I have enjoyed everything so far and I am looking forward to a lot of it.
Chloe- I can’t wait to do canoeing this afternoon because I like getting wet. Body boarding was great because I kept getting splashed by the waves.
Gemma- my best activity so fsr was the Team trail because at the end we got splashed with water.


Saffron- I am most looking forward to surfing on Thursday and so far I’ve enjoyed everything.
William- today we’ve had a run to Compass point and I am about to go do Canadian Canoeing. I am looking forward to it. I can’t wait to do mountain boarding this afternoon.
Kai- I had a nice breakfast today. We had bacon! I really enjoyed the Team Trail as well.


More posts later…

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  1. I really enjoyed this trip and I really want to go again, also I loved working with Sophie and if I go to Bude next year I would definitely like to be in the same tutor group with Sophie because she was awesome and also kind.!!!!! I have tried loads of new things and found that I really LOVE mounting boarding!!!!

  2. Well it sure sounds like you guys know how to get wet!!
    Just the job in this lovely weather I should think.
    We are missing you all in school… it’s strangely quiet!! So quiet in fact I can’t wait till Friday to see you so am coming to tea tomorrow!! Make sure you save me some!!

  3. Wow! I cannot believe you have done so much already and you are all still smiling. It looks amazing guys, good luck with the high ropes Mia H! x

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