‘Hanging in there’ on the High Ropes (Group DD)

Group DD gave it everything on the high ropes this afternoon, many overcoming their fear of heights and pushing themselves to the limit. Several children are significantly taller after being stretched on the rack!

Tom B says: I  am so proud of getting to the top of the bird table. I never thought I could do it!

Seth says: I am proud of myself for completing the climb called the “Slab-osaurus Rex” this morning! And when I did the rack I got stretched about 3cm. Now I am about 160cm tall….oh, look… there’s a bird in here!

No seriously, a blackbird actually did just come into the lounge. We just chased it out. Anyway, back to the blog…enjoy the photos!

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4 responses on ‘Hanging in there’ on the High Ropes (Group DD)

  1. Very good Seth – that made me laugh. Hopefully you will shrink back next time you get wet. :)

  2. Big smiles again ! looks like another fun day enjoyed by all – well done, hope all the tree climbing at home helped you in your challenge today Harri, love us all

  3. Amazing team work Woolsery, what stars you all are!! Chloe you were so brave can’t wait to hear all about it!!! xxxx

  4. Seth, I think you’re quite tall enough already! Great to see you all having such a good time- well done for the excellent team work, folks!

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