Morning High Ropes Group CC

Group CC negotiated the terrifying high ropes course this morning, setting their fears aside to conquer the different challenges thrown their way. I was extremely proud of all of the children for having a go and trying something new, once again their team work and their ability to motivate each other was brilliant.


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  1. The children this week are a credit to the school. Sophie (Tutor CC) said she has had a brilliant tutor group this week and will be sad to see them leave on Friday

    1. Thank you Tracy. I agree. The children were a credit to the school with their positive attitude and excellent behaviour.

  2. Great to see the Woolsery or is it Wooldisfardisworthy…? crew having such a fantastic time and making the most of being with us! Its always a pleasure to have you guys here you are a real credit to yourselves and the school! Enjoy presentation and your last night with us! Thanks so much for coming and to all the parents out there for sending them. We hope you find it all worth while, if only for the quiet whilst they catch up with lost sleep! Thank You All!

  3. Really loved seeing you all earlier, you are all totally amazing and should be very proud of yourselves!
    Thanks for having tea with me and showing me around. See you Friday!

  4. Anyone who can get more than two metres off the ground is a hero in my book! My palms are sweating just looking at the photos. Well done to you all.

  5. Another awesome day! Amazing what you can all achieve when you pull together!!!
    Super proud of you Will, you are doing so well ;-)
    Have fun surfing tomorrow, catch lots of waves. Lots of love from us all xxx

  6. Is it just me or have I missed the picture of Mr Harris on high ropes?! Great work, CC- missing you all lots but so glad you’re working so well together. Enjoy Talent Night!

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