Achievements for Group CC


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I can’t begin to express how proud if you I am, and how much I have enjoyed to grow as individuals and as a group throughout the time I spent with you this week. I was gutted that you didn’t win Superteam- I really thought you had it in the bag, but I guess the most important thing is the memory of your week which I hope you will cherish for a long, long time. Here’s some thoughts on your individual performance this week…

Shakira- Your Wally Award was richly deserved, you kept the whole group going all week in a lovely way which made everyone see the funny side of even the most scary challenge,  well done!

Ben- From your (late) arrival through to Presentation Night, your infectious enthusiasm and determination to throw -often literally- yourself into every aspect of the week was inspiring. I think we saw a glimpse of what I hope you’ll grow into when you are in Y6 next year. Though perhaps with less water.

Saffron- I’m really sorry that you missed the residential this year and sent your confident, loud and generally entertaining twin sister in your place. She was such a joy to be with all week and astonished us with her determination and willpower in everything she did. Well done, Saffron’s Mysterious Twin Sister Person!

Gemma- Superstar, huh?! I guess that says it all. Thank you for doing everything so well this week, not just the activities but every other aspect of living away from home with 19 other slightly bonkers and very excitable people- you’ve been a great source of strength to all of us!

Mia SC- Firstly, congratulations on avoiding a trip to A&E this year. I didn’t blame you for not wanting to try the mountain board ramps this year! My enduring memory of you this week will be your confidence and calmness on the Team Trail,  helping the younger children puzzle their way through the challenges and helping them achieve and celebrate. Thank you.

Nikita- Wow. I think that sums it up really. You have surprised all of us hugely this week. I was particularly impressed with the way you took on the challenges of Canoeing, especially the weighing-the-anchor and sails manoevre in our game. Well done you!

Tom- Our last minute addition, Tom, you kept that calm determination all week which was great to see. Although you have done the week before, you knew exactly when to stand back and let the newbies discover things for themselves, and when your experience of what was to come would motivate and support them. Incredibly mature. Fab!

Summer- if you’re going to have a final week at Woolsery Primary, what a week to have! We’ll miss you lots. I hooe you treasure your memories of this week for a long time!

Baz- Another Superstar in the making. You’ve been polite, encouraging, motivating, motivated, happy,  confident and a joy to have all week. Have I missed anything? Oh yes, you made a brave effort in keeping the boys’ room quiet-ish between the hours of 11 and 5- thank you!

Will- You’re a dark horse, Mr S! For someone who doesn’t always overflow with confidence at school, you certainly made your mark this week. I think this has been a turning point for you- a Bottle award is the hardest to win because you’re always having to fight against those scary feelings inside and appear ready for anything. AND YOU DID IT. I hope you hang your Bottle t-shirt up in your room with pride to remind you of what you can achieve with your own calmness and determination.

Mr Harris- well, its true I guess that I didn’t see you on any actual activities but the children listed above assure me you did high ropes and surfing. However, I did see your epic disco routines at the Presentation Night party, whilst Miss Butler and I sat back like slightly old but proud parents. Well done- and sleep well!

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