Achievements for group DD

Congratulations to our 3 award winners. It was such a difficult decision to choose just three. If we could have given everybody an award we would have.

Chloe: You threw yourself into everything with great enthusiasm and always with a smile. You were a great support to your team.

Seth: You worked very hard to do your best on all the activities and faced your fears on the high ropes and climbing.

Erin: You showed your enthusiasm with all the activities and yet again proved your skill at climbing. You were a great support to your team.

Tom B: your sense of humour kept the group going all week, and you faced your fears with the water sports. You were also amazing when you got all the way to the top of the bird table even though you thought you couldn’t do it.

Alfie: You maturity and support for your team shone through this week. You supported your group consistently and your confidence with the activities encouraged the others to try their hardest. You were a great role model and a credit to the school. Thank you.

Mia H: You gave everything this week, and put 100% into every activity. You worked well with your group, supporting and encouraging them. You faced your fears and enjoyed the new activities and skills you learnt. Well done.

Harriet: Your bubbly personality and sense of humour really kept your team going this week. You undertook all the activities with enthusiasm and encouraged your team with your positivity. It was lovely have you in our team.

Kai: You worked hard to conquer your fear of heights this week, and your determination on the high ropes was outstanding. You really pushed your self to do your best, and never gave up.

Baifern: You put your all into all the activities this week and appeared to enjoy everything you did. Your positivity and enthusiasm really encouraged your group. Well done.

Keira: Your positive attitude was a real asset to your team. You tried your hardest with every activity and pushed yourself to your best. Your team benefited from the encouragement and support you gave them . Well done.

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  1. WOW!!…What great comments, you should all be very proud of yourselves. You will all remember this amazing week you have had together, I am sure there are many laughs and stories to tell about your adventures.

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