The Mix Music Festival

Classes 4 and 5 had a FANTASTIC day at the tenth anniversary Mix Schools Music Festival at Westpoint on Wednesday.


The children watched some great live bands and soaked up the music-festival feel on a gloriously sunny day.

P1020765  P1020762

They also took part in awesome workshops on Taiko Drumming, Flash-Mob dance, A Cappella singing and also played on instruments they’d never tried before. We were also very proud of Baz, who sang solo in the Devon Teachers Rock Choir gig and also at the Big Sing in front of several thousand children and their teachers!

An despite the Mystery of the Missing Packed Lunch Box, we all had a great time!

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  1. Looks like a brilliant day! Love the pics :) lots of Hartland teachers were asking ‘who the Woolsery boy was who sang the amazing solo?’ Baz you little super star!!! xxxx

  2. What a wonderful experience, so many smiling faces! Can someone tell me the difference between The Taiko Drumming and our Djembes? do they sound the same?
    Baz , you must be very proud, were you nervous?
    I have a message for you from Kez, so come and find me tomorrow.

  3. I am sure the lunch box was covered in a cape of invisibility….I definitely didn’t see it in class 5!

    Thanks for a great day classes 4 and 5. I was very impressed with your drumming and a cappella singing. Well done Baz for your solo in front of such a big audience.

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