Friction Firelighting in Forest School

Ashmansworthy class  used a fire steel to light a fire in the base of their Kelly Kettle to boil water. They were making Mayan style hot chocolate, and they needed to grate cacao (a hard, bitter chocolate) into a jug, add sugar, cinnamon, sugar and hot water and finish off with milk.

The children had to construct a small fire in the base of the Kelly Kettle using cotton wool and kindling. Once the cotton wool was ignited by the sparks from the steel, small dry sticks had to be carefully fed through the chimney of the kettle to keep the fire going to heat the water. After carefully removing the hot kettle once the water was boiled, the hot water was mixed with the ingredients to create a Mayan hot chocolate.

 All the children worked very safely and sensibly and successfully produced a jug of steaming hot chocolate. Well done everybody. Next week we will make toasted sandwiches over a camp fire!



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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Beth. Next week should be fun too. Fingers crossed for dry weather!

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