Forest School: Making damper over the campfire

Ashmansworthy class excelled in┬átheir baking skills today by making damper, a type of bread, and cooking it on a stick over the campfire. They mixed all the ingredients together in a plastic bag, added cheese and herbs, then formed the dough onto a stick. They baked it over the embers until it was golden brown. After it was cooked they had a choice of salsa or sour cream dip to try. All the children worked well in their groups and there wasn’t a “soggy bottom” in sight!


9 responses on Forest School: Making damper over the campfire

  1. I really enjoyed making a special type of bread which was toasted on a camp fire and it was delicious. In my group, me Hannah and Alice, we we made delicious bread.

  2. don’t forget to invite us parents if you do! What a lovely Christmas treat that would be….carols round the campfire with hog roast and mulled wine :) hint hint

    1. …and Aliminstone Class could play their very beautifully crafted whistles to entertain everyone…

  3. Jack loved Forest School today. It looks good fun, tasty and alot easier than whistle making!

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