Greek Pottery in Ashmansworthy class

Ashmansworthy class spent this afternoon making Greek pots out of clay. After designing them, they used the coil method to build up the sides. After that some children added handles and decorated them. Once they have been dried out and fired, they will be decorated with glaze and fired again.

6 responses on Greek Pottery in Ashmansworthy class

  1. Really enjoyed making these pots, can’t wait to fire them and then glaze hem, they’ll look epic after that!
    Well-done to everyone for making such interesting creations! Hope they all turn out all right!

    Baz :P

  2. i really enjoyed this even though it got a bit messy i can’t wait to decorate them! :)

  3. Great pots Ashmansworthy! I might need some tips when we do pottery in Alminstone. I am looking forward to seeing them decorated.

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