Solar Eclipse

This morning the whole school experienced a once in a life time opportunity to view the solar eclipse through a range of devices. Luca’s dad made an amazing viewer which worked brilliantly, projecting an image through the box to the paper at the end. The pin hole viewers worked very well too, and we experimented with a range of holey kitchen utensils such as colanders, cheese graters and a holey spoon. We were lucky that the sun was visible through the clouds enabling us to see the images projected onto the card. Although we were surprised that it didn’t go particularly dark, we certainly noticed a drop in temperature during the time we were outside.

4 responses on Solar Eclipse

  1. I thought the eclipse was excellent. I loved the wide range of viewing apparatus everyone had made. Can’t wait for the next one in 2090!

  2. This was very fun! and me and Bradley noticed that the temperature made a massive change and gradually it got colder and colder x

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