The end of the first day

Here are some pictures of our adventures at Paignton Zoo.


Arriving at the hotel.


Lunch at the zoo.


A giraffe… no, sorry, a rhino


Walking through the zoo.


The lemur bridge.


Feeding time.

Everyone is now in their pyjamas and they are definitely going to sleep well tonight.

10 responses on The end of the first day

  1. Looks like you are all having a amazing time !! Missing you Louis , it’s very quiet!! See you tomorrow

  2. great weather for you guys eh. missing you mega Scout. Cant wait til tomorrow. I know you are enjoying every minute my sweet. Cant wait to hear you tell us about your wonderful experience and about all the animals you are seeing. love you xx

  3. Great photos, can see you are all having a fab time! Miss you and sleep well… you mum & dad xx

  4. Hope you are all having a great time, we miss you Sophie. Love you have a fantastic day tomorrow. xxxxxxxx

  5. Mmm- that’s wishful thinking, Mr Brookes! Looking forward to a full report tomorrow morning. “Sleep” well.

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