Living Coasts

This morning began in a beautiful sunny morning for our visit to Living Coasts. It was very windy when we arrived!




Living coasts penguin enclosure.
At Living Coasts we were able to watch the penguins being fed. They gathered around the keeper and took the food, swallowing sprats whole! We moved on to the feeding of the auks. We watched this from the underwater viewing area.
Finally we went to watch to otters being fed. The zoo keeper hid bits of food around thier enclosure. He then let the otters out. They searched  the area looking for food like they were on a treasure hunt.

We returned to Paignton  Zoo for lunch. While eating lunch, members of the public mentioned how well behaved and polite the children were.
After lunch we went to the education centre to find out about some of the animals at the zoo and how each animal is a character.


Who does this turtle look like?!

We’re back at hotel now just getting ready for dinner. Lots of hungry mouths need feeding,


This is the children ‘looking hungry’.

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  1. Hi guys how are you all, you all look like you are having fun so far and I will see you back at school later on today have fun.
    Bye guys

  2. Lovely photos which show how much you are all enjoying your time at Paignton. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow Amy and hearing all about it. xx

  3. Hope everyone is having a gr8 time looks like you are. Living Coasts looks lovely. Missing you loads Cody cant wait for you to come home tomorrow and tell us everything you have done. Brandon is missing you loads he had a lovely day at Burford woods today he got VERY muddy!!! Goodnight love Mum, Dad, Emily and Brandy x

  4. Zara the turtle wow what a lovely photo looks like your having fun love you .mum and dad .see you tomorrow

  5. Living Coasts looks really interesting and fun! I’m sure you’re all enjoying yourselves. Well done for behaving so politely :-) Have a nice sleep Jo. Love mum and dad xxxxx

  6. Great to see you have all had an awesome day. Hope you are having fun Lils, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and hearing all about your adventure. Sleep well, love us all xxx

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