Investigating Rivers

As part of our topic “From Source to Sea”, Ashmansworthy class have been investigating what happens to the rainfall around our school. Using a map, they had to decide whether a surface was permeable (when water soaks in), or impermeable (waterproof) and colour in each area with the appropriate colour. They also had to mark down any drains and show the direction of the flow of water (downhill). Luca used his understanding of ratio to calculate that 1cm on the map represented 6m on the ground. Well done Luca! Some children were fascinated watching the flow of water downhill in the direction of the drain, and we were all surprised by how many drains there are around the school. To begin with it was quite hard to understand the map, but by orientating it to the position we were standing in, we could work out which extra features we could add which were missing, such as the path on the field, the shelters and the grassy bank.

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  1. s: had lots of fun really enjoyed working outside for a change!
    h: I found out alot

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