River studies at Quarry Field Stream

Ashmansworthy class had an enjoyable morning at Quarry Field Stream in Woolsery Village. After exploring the stream and river bank, the children identified some river features such as meanders, deltas and tributaries which they went on to sketch. Baifern, also known as the frog-whisperer, discovered lots of frogs hopping around under the troll bridge. Much hilarity ensued as we tried to catch them. We didn’t have to worry about disturbing the troll as he had already been eaten by the crocodile! We will follow up this field trip with some art work and descriptive writing in class tomorrow.

4 responses on River studies at Quarry Field Stream

  1. it was absoulutely amazing i wish we could’ve stayed a bit longer but it was still great.I learnt lods and it was the right morning for it.

  2. i had so much fun i wished we could of stayed all day! i was quite immpressed by my picture that i drew because i’m most defenetly not the best of artist! :)

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