We are here!

We have arrived, unpacked and settled in to Adventure International. After a delicious dinner of pasta and ice-cream, we are now exploring the site and spending some of our money. Beach games later and then a “Getting to know you” disco before bed(ha ha, who am I kidding?!)

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  1. what glorious weather you have for your adventure guys.Clearly you are all enjoying yourselves, keep the pics coming we all looking out for you Bo. miss you but mega excited for you….mom,dad boys and sis.xx

  2. Awwww you all look so grown up! Have a fantastic time – can’t wait for all the blog updates. Jack we’re missing you lots, so quiet! – Dad says he hopes it’s not too cold for your early morning swim 😳😳😳

  3. Hi, you all look really happy, enjoy your evening and we look forward to seeing what activities you do tomorrow. Sleep well!! ;-)

  4. Have a great time, everyone. I will pop down tomorrow after school so hope you’ll have lots to tekl me then!
    sleep well (!)I know, the hardest challenge of the week!

  5. Have a great time everyone ,Hope you get some sleep tonite and have lots of fun x

    1. Nikita says she tried the high ropes and she’s been in the sea pool 3 times already, getting deeper each time! She says she’s missing you and looking forward to seeing you on Friday x

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