Canadian Canoeing

We spent a lovely morning on the canal canoeing. If the objective was to get as wet as possible, several people managed that with bells on!

5 responses on Canadian Canoeing

  1. Jack, we’re loving all the pics – it looks like you’re having the bestest time! We’re missing you heaps but we’re happy that you’re having such an amazing experience! Love you lots and lots – big huggles xxxxx

  2. Well done Sean – nice to see you traveling by Tube in Bude..!

    Great photos! Will keep checking in..

    Lots of Love

    1. Sean says: Hi dad! The high ropes were really scary. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. Love from Sean xxx

  3. Looks fun. Hope you are having a great time. We are all missing you. Looking forward to seeing more pics!! Have a nice time;-)

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