Wednesday Morning

We said goodbye to Mrs Farmer and hello to Mr Whitefield who is full of energy and raring to go! The sea pool was more suited to surfing than swimming this morning, but our brave Woolsery Warriors were not put off and were the first in! Well done everybody. A dry day (activity-wise) with high-ropes and climbing today. We just hope the sea-mist clears so we can see the view from the top of the climbing wall!

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6 responses on Wednesday Morning

  1. Are you insinuating I was not full of energy when I left?!! I had to answer a million questions about you all back at school! They’re missing you.:)

    1. What I meant was I was the one flagging! Not too bad today, energy-wise (me, not the children; they’re full of energy!) But all in bed now, and it’s quiet so fingers crossed for another undisturbed night!!!

  2. I’m actually really jealous of how much fun you’re having! Thanks so much Mrs Farmer for looking after my little ‘cherub’! Do you get to relax now??

    1. Jack says: I am missing you all but I am having a great time (except when I had to crawl through the long tube). I am really proud I went around the high ropes course and climbed to the top of the climbing wall. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday. x

  3. Well done everyone,that must have been tough going this morning, swimming in that!! So proud of you Will, you look so happy and you should feel proud of yourself, you are doing amazingly well. Have a fantastic day today. Love you xxx

  4. You all look so happy, having a fantastic time no doubt. Well done on your swimming this morning. Have a great day everybody!! Xxx

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