Orienteering in Burford Woods

Year 5 and 6 joined Hartland School today to complete a new orienteering course that Mrs Macleod and Richard Irvine had set up in Burford Woods. The first task was to use a map and compass to find the 10 posts with the control which were placed around the woods. The controls had a punch which imprinted a pattern of holes into a card. The children had to find all 10 posts and punch their cards in the fastest time. The second task was to hide 10 new controls around the woods for the other groups to find. They had to mark where they were hidden on a big map then copy all the new controls into their own smaller map before finding them. The children had a lovely time and enjoyed the experience. Here are the photos:

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  1. we hand lots of fun doing the orienteering if i had to do it againg i would do my hardest .

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