Learning about WWII in Ashmansworthy Class

We have had a busy week learning about how the Second World War affected the children who were living through it. Our class book “My Secret War Diary by Flossie Albright”, on which we are basing our literacy, is a diary about a fictional child called Flossie who lives in Dorset. We have been learning about the impact the evacuees had on her and the children in her village. We will link this to the effect the evacuation had on Woolsery school in the 1940’s.

Today we watched a documentary about the Blitz. The children used this to write diary entries as if they were living through the London bombings, describing their thoughts and feelings as the events unfolded. Even though they have only completed their first draft, I am really impressed with their insightful interpretation and the quality of their writing. Please feel free to come in and read it for yourself.

Next week we are lucky enough to have a visit from three local gentlemen who lived through the war; one was an evacuee who still lives in the village. I am sure we will learn a great deal from their first hand experience which will help us understand more about how the war impacted on the children who experienced it.


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