Ashmansworthy Class at Escott Park

We had a fantastic day today, immersing ourselves in all things Anglo-Saxon. The children had the opportunity to try lots of different activities in the morning including: wood carving on a lathe; grinding flour to make scones; sawing wood and splitting logs for the fires; mixing the mud and straw (in bare feet!!!) for the wattle and daub; hammering iron in the blacksmiths to make Thor’s Hammer; and generally exploring the village amongst the chickens and the dog. After a relaxing lunch in one of the Saxon houses, we went on a foraging walk to find out how the forest was used as a resource for food, medicine and building materials. We saw the wild boar, peacocks and even some otters. Thank you, Ashmansworthy Class for making this such as fantastic and enjoyable day. You were complimented on your outstanding behaviour and conduct by the staff at the centre and you were a credit to the school. Well done.

Here are the photos from today…

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  1. I loved the trip to Escot Park.My favorite part was exploring the village and doing the activities.Me, Isabel, Lily s and Megan made Wattle and Daub which is a mixture that the Saxons used to make houses and buildings with. Firstly we dug out some mud from the ground and put it on a large sheet. Then we got some straw and tipped it on the mud. After that we put some hot water on it. When the mixture was wet enough we had to squish it all together by stomping on it.We were allowed to take out shoes and socks off so we did and we got really muddy. Finally when the mixture was ready we pulled it over to the Blacksmith building and put it onto the weaved wood to make a stronger and warmer building. Thank you for making this trip possible

  2. I had a great time and really enjoyed it! I really liked stamping on the mud in bare feet!!! I also enjoyed seeing the animals. Thanks for making this trip possible. :)

  3. I really liked this trip, the maze, hammering the coin, making the flour for the bread and all of it. I cant wait to go back there and do all the saxon activities again. Thank you to Maddie for letting me dress up as a Saxon it was awesome, also thankyou to john and were dressed up really good and was epic fun. thankyou to all the teachers for taking us.

  4. I really enjoyed today I really thought I was a real Saxon. It was so FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I want to be a Saxon. I want to live there it’s so warm.

  5. Amazing! i loved this trip so much.The whole village was just brilliant! huge thanks to everyone who made this fabulous experience possible.My favourite parts were the wood working and the blacksmith activities.I now want to become a wood worker! Thank you!!!

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