Orienteering and shelter-building in Burford Woods

On Friday, years 5 and 6 joined Hartland School at Burford Woods for a day of forest school activities. Mr Cole demonstrated how to construct a poacher’s shelter by creating a frame of and laying sticks across the top and sides before covering it in moss and bracken. The children then worked in groups to build their own.

Meanwhile, Miss Butler was leading the orienteering  activity. Each group had to use their map and compass to find 10 posts hidden around the forest. Once the posts had been found, they had to punch a card with holes and write down the letter on the post. After the 10 posts had been found, the group had to decipher the anagram. The second part of the orienteering was to hide a control flag in the woods, mark it on a larger map for another group to find, and then find a different flag, using the map to navigate to the correct position.

All the children worked brilliantly together and their behaviour was exemplary. We were very lucky with the weather (for a change) and everybody enjoyed their day in the forest.

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  1. It was a fantastic experience I loved the orienteering and made lots of new friends thank you Mr Cole and the rest of the Woolsery school staff for organising this great day
    <3 :)

  2. I had a great time.It would not of been better with out you.I had a chance of making new friends and meeting old ones.It was quite muckie but not as bad as other times.thank you for coming with us,we hope you all had a great time.I loved all of it,I did not have a favourite part of the day.I hope we can do this next year.My mum was not pleased at the site of me but she knew what was coming!More washing for her!!!

  3. I had such fun in burford woods ,me, Holly,Isabelle, amy and bo when we sat in our den!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Woolsery School
    we really enjoyed the trip to Burford woods now we know what we missed out on last year ii just wish i could come again. My freind Ashleigh can’t wait
    Thank you so much
    From Lola Ashleigh

  5. I had great fun at Burford Woods. All staff and children are really kind and helpful, my favourite part was building the poachers huts with some people id never met before. I also met a cousin I never knew I had!! Thank you sooo much for a super fun day that I will never forget!!

  6. We really enjoyed this experience working with Woolsery. Our favourite part was orienteering. We would like to thank you for a great day in the sunshine!

  7. We really loved being with the kids from Woolsery and my favourite thing was making the shelters

  8. Thanks for inviting us to burford I loved to work with them and it was fun to build a den and thanks for having Hartland.

  9. It was so much fun working in the woods with Woolsery. Some of us got so muddy that we had to change our trousers on the bus. Mine and Lewis’s favourite part was building the shelters.

  10. Thank you Woolsery staff and children for such a fun and welcoming time. All of us at Hartland had such a great time. It was a lot more fun than last time we nearly walked to woolsery anyway thank you it was awesome :)

  11. Yay there is a picture of me in a tree with Megan. I’m glad me and the rest of Hartland Primary School didn’t get lost this time. I loved making the poachers dens. The day was epic. Thank you everybody for such a great day. :)

  12. we really enjoyed it at burford wood luckly we got there without getting lost!!!

    hope we do it next year from

  13. hi we loved this experience of the two schools coming together and doing outdoorsy stuff

  14. going to burford was fun but my mum didn’t like the staite of my coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I was sorry to miss your Forest School Day Asmansworthy, so glad you had good weather and weren’t up to your knees in mud as usual. It sounds as though you had lots of fun with Hartland School. Have a great Easter holiday.

  16. I really enjoyed building the poachers huts and being allowed to have hot chocolate at school. :)

  17. i enjoyed it ,its better than camping because its muckier .When i got home i was in the bath for
    30 minutes

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