Viking Longship

Well, the Longship is now complete and awaiting our end of topic bonfire this afternoon in front of the whole school, parents and friends.

The morning…


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Gallery of the fire…



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  1. It was amazing; funny because lots of the adults were scared at the bangs and fire; i loved every minute of it all because it was the best school day ever , only because we got to go home early. My mum loved it but was a tiny bit scared at the feeling of all the fire and flames.

  2. It was an exciting afternoon with Ashmansworthy class today. We did enjoy seeing all the parents in class and then the long awaited burning of the Viking Ship. Mr Pennington and all the children who helped him, worked so hard to construct our ship. P

  3. The viking ship looked great well done to all the children who helped build it and decorate it with lovely sheilds. What an amazing bonfire. We had a lovely afternoon. Thanks

  4. I loved watching the viking war ship being burnt but also it was sad watching our great creation being burnt down.

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