Note to parents posting comments

Thank you for your comments so far. We’ll share them later with the children.
When you post comments though, please could you avoid using emojis as it causes an error on my edublogs phone app and I have to find wifi and a tablet to edit them out before your comments can be shared. Thanks.

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  1. Hi All,

    Hope everyone including the teachers are having a great time and you enjoyed the zoo art activity. Last day Wednesday so make the most of it. Thank you to the teachers for looking after all of you, especially my Bodie.
    Can’t wait to see you,
    Love Mammy, Daddy & Willow x

  2. Love the blog too (smiley face, clappy hands, winky face). Yes they’ll remember this trip always – hope you’ve all settled in?? xxxx

  3. Fantastic updates from Woolsery Primary School.
    I remember going on this school trip many moons ago with Hartland and Woolsery primary schools.
    The kids will remember this inspirational trip their entire lives.
    Have fun all.

    John Arkless

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