Lundy Inspired Batik (Part I)

On Friday, Ashmansworthy class will be using the batik printing process to create images inspired by animals found on and around Lundy Island. The first step is to produce a simple image which can then be “drawn” onto a piece of fabric using hot wax and a tjanting tool. After the wax has dried, the colour is applied using a dye called Brusho. Finally, the wax is removed by placing the fabric between sheets of absorbent paper using a hot iron.


2 responses on Lundy Inspired Batik (Part I)

  1. I loved doing this in the staff meeting on Tuesday – I expect your designs will be better than mine! I look forward to seeing them.

  2. I am really looking forward to seeing your batik work on Friday. The designs you are making look fabulous. Enjoy turning them into Batik.

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