Batik (Part III) The final print

After removing the wax with a hot iron, the print was mounted onto the frame the children made. Here are the results…


DSC04231 DSC04232

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  1. Well done Ashmansworthy on your amazing artwork they all look brilliant. I love your lighthouse Cody it looks amazing.

  2. I thought it was really fun and the wax was really hard to use because it didn’t do the wax in thin lines it happend in dark lines. What helped me was that we used paper so dots didn’t go all over my fabric. You would think that the brusho would go over the wax but all stayed beyond the wax and that helped me lots,As well as doing lots of coulour we used lots of fabric. Thank you Miss buttler for letting us do something really fun.

  3. I really enjoyed making these and had so much fun along the way!I couldn`t quite get the hang of the wax but it still came out quite well!I think everyones hard work has done a great job.THank you Miss Butler for letting us do this and have so much fun.The fabric feels really nice but there was one thing I fegot to do was the eyes but it still looks good.The best bit of mine was the background.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I agree, they all look amazing. Im glad you enjoyed the artwork.

  4. They look fabulous Ashmansworthy. You should all be very proud. I am looking forward to seeing them in class tomorrow.

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