High Ropes Monday Afternoon

This afternoon’s challenge (apart from cleaning the bedrooms-everyone got 100% by the way…) was the intimidating High Ropes Course. There was a range of climbing activities from the Jacob’s Ladder where teams of three children have to help each other up successfully wider rungs, the trapeze, the bird table, the rack and of course the actual high ropes course. We were all so proud of the effort everybody put in to really challenge themselves to complete each section. The way you supported each other was outstanding and your teamwork is fantastic. Well done everyone. The Go-Pro had its first proper outing attached to various helmets. Videos will be shared back at school!

7 responses on High Ropes Monday Afternoon

  1. Amazing leap of faith Bo well done. (must be hot for you to have your jumper off !!!). Missing you lots xxx

  2. I miss you Jack. I think of you in that cold swimming pool every morning and i laugh! Hahahaha! From Danny your epic brother.

  3. hi Isabel looks like your having loads of fun at Bude
    Rosie misses you a lot .

  4. Wow! You’re all so brave – i feel a bit wobbly just looking at those pics!
    Have a fab night tonight. xx

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