Monday Morning-Climbing Wall

After our very refreshing morning swim in the sea pool and a good breakfast, it was off to the climbing wall to try out our climbing skills. Half the group did bouldering whilst the rest tackled the big wall, before swapping over. Everybody challenged themselves to get the highest they could; some even managed it blindfolded. After a packed lunch on the MUGA and a very thorough room tidy (yes, Mr Cole, we’ve introduced the boys to the hoover!), it’s off to the high ropes…

6 responses on Monday Morning-Climbing Wall

  1. Delighted to hear about the Hoover, boys! You can Hoover the hallway too if you’re bored…
    I shared the photos of your climbing with Stroxworthy Class this afternoon…they were very impressed. See you on Wednesday!

  2. That wall looks very high Aimee, not sure I would be brave enough, well done you

  3. The climbing wall looks awesome!
    I bet the sea pool woke you up Jack! Love ya lots – it looks like you’re having a wicked time xxx

  4. Lots of lovely photos! Well done everyone, looks like you’re having a brilliant day! Xx

  5. Wow looks like a great morning everyone!! Did you recognise what a hoover looks like Luca? You know you are always welcome to practice your hoovering technique at home any time. Have a great afternoon. X

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