Kayaking-Tuesday Morning

Your children are all amazing: Monday night and they were all in bed and asleep by 10:30!

This meant they were were raring to go in the morning (at the sensible hour of 7am-I had to wake them) for their swim or run. Sadly the sea pool resembled a churning pool of doom so we had to abandon our early morning dip, but the runners had a good run before out breakfast of bacon, beans and hash browns.

Kaying was enjoyed by all, despite the strong wind trying to blow us back down the canal, but we all made it to the lock gates for a few silly games in our boats. Keira was the only one to fall in from group G (what a surprise!).

The sun is now shining and we are all looking forward to catching some waves when we go surfing this afternoon.

Keep the comments coming-the children love hearing from you!


5 responses on Kayaking-Tuesday Morning

  1. You all look like you’re having an awesome time! Fab memories of your last year – Enjoy! Looking forward to seeing the surfing pics xxx

  2. So proud of you all, guys! excellent news that you’re sleeping – you’ll have lots of energy when I see you tomorrow then (!)
    Kayaking looks great – my favourite activity after high ropes and I’m missing both :-(
    Keep up the good work, and watch out for those Sea Badgers….

  3. So lovely to see the mix of St Margarets and Woolsery getting on so well together. You all look like you are having amazing fun x

  4. Wow! Looks great everyone. Reminds me of when I did Kayaking on my visits to Adventure International a good few years ago. Yes that’s right Luca even Mum was young once! Enjoy surfing this afternoon. X

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