Caving and Mountain Biking

After another good night’s sleep, we were up and out for our early morning run (yes, Miss Butler actually did go for a run, I know it’s hard to believe-it probably will never happen again…). The sea pool was still overflowing and too rough to go in, due to it being a high spring tide, but fingers crossed for an early morning swim tomorrow (Miss Butler’s better in water than on land!).

Anyway, after another yummy breakfast we were off to our first activity…caving. The children donned their helmets and head-torches and ventured off into the unknown. Miss Butler, on the other hand, donned her handbag and went to explore Bude’s retail opportunities, but not before a few photos were taken.

After lunch it was off to the mountain bike track in a local field. The children tested their skills on the see-saw and ramps before the muddy footpath was attempted. It was a lovely afternoon for a bike ride and everybody enjoyed the mud! Here are the pics…

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  1. Thanks for being amazing this week, I really enjoyed all the activities with you. You have been so brave tackling all the challenges and you should all be very proud of yourselves. I hope you all showed off your talents last night and that Mr Cole didn’t wake you up too early after another tiring day.

  2. Aimee says she feels very proud because she gets a bit claustrophobic. Megan says she’s proud because she didn’t think she would be able to do any of it.

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