Friday Morning: Mountain-boarding and canoeing

Well, after such a busy week, we made it to Friday for our final activities: Mountain-boarding and canoeing. After a lengthy discussion about which shoes to wear-wet or dry- our shoes got saturated anyway on the way to the mountain boarding field in the wet grass…so we all ended up with wet feet.

Despite soggy footwear, the children enjoyed the challenge of staying upright on their boards before trying out the 2 ramps, whizzing down the field and in and out of the cones. Once again, everybody faced their fears and had a go, even when they were nervous about it.

We finished mountain boarding and then walked down to the canal to find our canoes which had been left by the other group for us. We enjoyed a leisurely paddle back along the canal, trying to avoid the kamikaze ducklings who were intent on following us!

Thank you everybody for such a fantastic week at Bude. I really enjoyed watching your confidence develop and seeing you push yourselves to face very scary challenges. Your behaviour and conduct was impeccable and you were a credit to your schools. I was very impressed by the way both schools

interacted and supported each other (and particularly how you all went to sleep and had to be woken in the mornings…that doesn’t happen very often-well done!!!) Enjoy a restful weekend and the final 2 weeks of your time in primary school.

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  1. Thank you so very much for taking and caring for our children. Luca certainly had the most fantastic time and has brought home memories to last a life time. Your dedication really is appreciated. X

  2. Thank you on behalf of Bo for a fantastic residential which she thoroughly enjoyed and had lots of stories to tell us about. Big thank you for the pictures and info supplied all week – the blog was amazing at keeping us up to date and really appreciated.

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