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Today Ashmansworthy and Alminstone Classes spent the day at Rosemoor. We spent the morning exploring the gardens and identifying things from our photographic checklist. We had a look round the rose gardens where we found an interesting sundial, and found a small pond with fish which nibbled our fingers.

Then it was through the tunnel (ghost noises compulsory) to the Green Ship play area where we had great fun on the giant see-saw and the roundabout. We stopped off in the Brash before heading back to the Education Centre for lunch.

After lunch John, the Education Officer, showed us how to make paper using a special frame called a deckle with mesh in it. We used pulp made from old paper which had been blended into fibres and mixed with water. This was strained through the deckle and carefully laid onto a cloth before squeezing the water out. We also added petals and leaves to decorate the paper. Once it has dried out it will be strong and can be used for writing or drawing on.

Thank you everybody for your excellent behaviour; and thank you to the parents who helped out. We hope you enjoyed yourselves.

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  1. It was a really great time at Rosemoor today everyone. You all put such a lot of effort into getting it “just right” and made some amazing pieces of paper.Lets hope they are all dried off by tomorrow and then we can all practise our spellings on it!!!!

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