The attack of the conquistadors

Steve Manning, a professional storyteller, visited today to help us learn more about the Aztecs. Steve became Juan, a Spanish Conquistador, and told his story of how Cortes, the King of Spain wanted to conquer Mexico and take the Aztecs gold. We learnt about how the conquistadors and Aztecs versions of events were different and the children could ask Juan questions about why the Spanish did what they did, and how he felt about their actions. The children had to sequence the events which were drawn in Codex-a type of Aztec hieroglyphics –¬†and then we followed this up by writing about the conquest and illustrating their work.

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  1. I really liked Steve Manning coming to school as it was really educational and interesting. I hope we will write a thank you letter to him. We are very fortunate
    to have this visit. Best wishes Joseph :->

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