Readathon and loom making

Yesterday was a busy day in Alminstone.  Throughout the day, we took every opportunity to read for the readathon 19820128_185344 19820128_185358 19820128_185406 19820128_185418 19820128_185429 19820128_185438 19820128_185450 19820128_185521 19820128_193613 19820128_193624 19820128_193647 19820128_193731 19820128_193740 19820128_193818to see how many minutes we could read in total.  Hopefully, we will have raised lots of sponsorship to buy new books for the library.  In the afternoon, we used the skill we have learnt about square lashing to make the frame of our looms.  Working together (in the rain), we took turns to lash the four sticks we cut last week to make a rectangular frame.  We found it difficult to get the lashings tight, but overcame this by persevering.

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