Ashmansworthy invited Stroxworthy

Ashmansworthy class invited Stroxworthy class to listen to their character descriptions this morning.  They have been writing stories about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

They focused on matching the names of the characters to their characteristics. They then had to present their work to an audience.  We were their audience!

Were they:

  • Clear and loud
  • Not rushed
  • Delivery flows
  • Good expression

Chester said Frida was “nice and loud”. Grace thought she had “good expression”. Whilst Joseph said “some parts were a little fast and so she should focus on slowing it down.”

Callum thought Scout was “clear and loud”. Whilst Nelly thought “he had not rushed any of it”.

Miss Butler talked about cohesion within the writing of her children, where ideas are linked together to increase the flow of the writing.

Stroxworthy will try to include some of these skills learnt from Ashmansworthy in tomorrow’s writing……

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