Exploring Eden

Today, Ashmansworthy and Alminstone classes enjoyed a fantastic day at the Eden Project.  We enjoyed exploring the ‘Core’ with fascinating facts and interactive activities to learn about the environment and how plants help us in all part of our lives.

Then we headed to the biomes and tried to use our skills at orienteering, taking part in workshops about sustainability and exploring plants.  We then returned to the ‘Core’ and learnt about ‘Fairtrade’ products, before witnessing the incredible zip wire above the biomes across the park.  .

4 responses on Exploring Eden

  1. I think learning that all of the things we use mainly comes from plants and learning what foods go best into our lunches so I hope that we go on another school trip soon!!!! Best wishes Joseph G ☺

  2. I think visiting the Eden Project was very interesting as seeing all the different types of plants and learning where different foods come from!!! Best wishes Joseph G ☺

  3. I really enjoyed it and my favourite part was the workshop – I learnt that all we eat comes from plants!

  4. Lovely pics – Danny said it was a brilliant day – gorgeous weather too! Thank you!

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