Bed Time

We have arrived back after our night walk and are having hot drinks before bed. The night walk was excellent and we got the opportunity to see some of the more shy animals who sometimes hide during the day. We said hello to spider monkeys, howler monkeys, red pandas, maned wolves and flamingos. We learned lots of facts.

We all deserve a good nights sleep now to set us up for a busy day tomorrow.

20170424-81428 pm.jpg

20170424-81518 pm.jpg

20170424-81543 pm.jpg

20170424-81553 pm.jpg

20170424-81605 pm.jpg

20170424-81617 pm.jpg

20170424-81634 pm.jpg

20170424-81648 pm.jpg

19 responses on Bed Time

  1. Hope you had a great sleep Rebecca. Have you saw the baby giraffe yet or at least planed to. I also hope you had and will have a good time at Paignton ,have a good boat trip but don’t fall in, get back safely and hello to Mrs Kersey Mrs Furse ,Mr Pennington and all at Paignton.

  2. Night Danny boy – it’s sooooooo quiet here – missing you but loving all the pics – looks like you’re having an amazing time! Xxxxx

  3. sleep well Rivers love seeing all the happy faces … can not wait to read tomorrow’s blog Mr Pennington your doing a fab job of posting updates 🤓🤓

  4. Looks like you’ve all had a brilliant day.

    Did you sneak that red panda up your jumper for me, Winnie??

    Miss you, and hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow. Sleep tight. Love Mum. xxx

  5. So pleased to see that you are all having a great time. Miss you Jack. Hope you sleep well ready for tomorrow’s adventures :) Love you millions Jackie from all of us xxx

  6. Brilliant photos, looks so much fun, have a good sleep tonight and enjoy tomorrow, love from Mum, Dad, Harriet and Eliza

  7. The night walk sounds amazing and dinner looks lovely! I hope you all sleep well and have another great day tomorrow. Imogen is missing Jo-Jo and we all send our love! x

  8. Wow sounds like you have had a lovely day. You are so lucky seeing all those animals. Wish i was there. Hope you all have a good nights sleep. We miss you loads Brandon, love you good night.

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