Feeding time at the Zoo

We have arrived safely at Paignton Zoo! We were delayed somewhat as we had to swap coaches due to a breakdown (the coach, not Mrs Kersey). However, we are here at the zoo, enjoying lunch.

20170424-14723 pm.jpg

20170424-14736 pm.jpg

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20170424-14811 pm.jpg

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  1. Rivers we are missing you lots Hope you are having a brilliant time Love you to the moon and back
    Mum & Roco xxxxxx

  2. hello from your fab family hope you are having a good time sleep well. miss you lot

  3. Glad to hear you’ve all arrived safely. We did see a broken-down coach near South Molton?
    Looks as if everyone is having a great time.
    Lots of love to James. Henry has finally stopped crying xxx

  4. Hey Danny, glad you’re safe and having fun!! Just been able to look at the blog! Sending you big hugs and kisses – and a big bro ‘push Mr Pennington into the camel enclosure’ from Jack. Love you and missing you heaps!

  5. Glad you made it. Looks like a fab dinner. Have fun! Big kisses to Archie. Xx

  6. Have fun everyone. Wish I was there. We have all had a good day in Cranford class today building castles. Miss you Ethan. Make sure you take lots of photos. xxx

  7. Glad you all arrived safely on the end, Kaicee Rosabelle you’re in trouble not saying goodbye to mummy 😋

  8. Glad you made it there in one piece even if the bus didn’t!!!!!! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day. Look forward to seeing more photos later.

  9. Really glad you made it in time for lunch. Have a great afternoon and looking forward to seeing some more photos later

  10. Hope you all had a lovely lunch. I am sure you are having great fun this afternoon. Enjoys yourselves everybody. X

  11. That’s a pain about the coach but I’m glad you have all arrived safely. The children all look very excited! I’m missing Joseph loads already-give him a big squeeze from me!

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